Master the Facebook Pixel
Pixel Secrets is a training course specifically designed to teach you everything you need to know about the Facebook Pixel.
After this course you will have all the knowledge necessary to master the pixel so you can increase conversion rates and lower acquisition costs.
What Do You Get In Pixel Secrets?
Lesson 1: Facebook Pixel Overview
Get a complete rundown of the pixel, how and what it is used for, and how to effectively use it to lower conversion costs and customer acquisition costs.
Lesson 2: Installing the Pixel
Learn how to effectively install the Facebook Pixel on Shopify and WordPress, so that it triggers properly when your desired goals are met. If you don't do this right, you can be losing a lot of money.
Lesson 3: Creating Audiences
Creating the right audiences at the right times is crucial to converting strangers into customers. In this lesson I will talk about the 4 main types of audiences that you will need to create for running successful ads.
Lesson 4: Building Your Pixel
If you are a new eCommerce business, then the chances are your store isn't getting any traffic. Unfortunately, this will put you at a disadvantage because Facebook tries to serve your ad to people who are most likely to buy your products. If you don't have any traffic or if you have the wrong traffic coming to your site, your ads won't work. Building your pixel fixes this issue.
Lesson 5: Custom Conversions
One of the biggest reasons we see most companies fail with FB ads is because their custom conversions are setup incorrectly and Facebook is optimizing the ads for the wrong outcome. This is a HUGE issue when you are paying for ads.
Lesson 6: Retargeting
Retargeting is the secrets to lowering your conversion costs. They say that it takes cold traffic an average of 7 times to see your brand before they trust you enough to buy. Retargeting is how you get your brand back in front of people over and over so that they buy.
Lesson 7: Live Examples
Take a peak at some of our most successful ad campaigns and exactly how we execute each step.
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